New training resource for all school staff

Over 40 expert organisations have come together, to produce a free training resource to help all school staff understand the importance of a good school food culture and to support them to deliver improvements in pupil health and wellbeing....

17 Mar 2016

Teacher Training Update – December 2015

After listening to your views we have now agreed the next steps to improve all teachers’ understanding of good food, good food education and the wider impacts on pupil health and well-being. Read more about it here

17 Dec 2015

Teacher Training Update – November 2015

Following the successful launch of materials to support head-teachers, we are now working to develop new training provisions for teachers at all stages of their career development.

12 Nov 2015

Checklist for Head Teachers

Want to know where to start to transform your school food? Use this checklist to help...

17 Oct 2014

SPOTLIGHT ON: Head Teacher Training (Action 7)

The School Food Plan comprises sixteen actions designed to transform school food culture across the country. This week’s update looks at Actions 13/14, around Workforce Development. While writing the School Food Plan, Henry and John visited more than 60...

13 Jan 2014